absolute atmosphere

абсолютная атмосфера, абсолютная единица давления.

Англо-русский терминологический словарь по геологопоисковому бурению. - Л.: Гостоптехиздат, Ленинградское отделение . . 1963.

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  • absolute aerodynamic ceiling — The altitude at which an aircraft’s maximum rate of climb falls to zero under specified conditions. This is the greatest height achievable except during a zoom climb. The usual conditions are ISA (international standard atmosphere); 1 g,… …   Aviation dictionary

  • absolute instability — As it relates to meteorology, the state of a layer of air within the atmosphere in which a parcel of air, if given an upward push, will move away from its initial level without further outside force being applied. It is that condition in which… …   Aviation dictionary

  • absolute ceiling — The height at which the rate of climb of an aircraft, in standard atmosphere, would be zero; the maximum height attainable under standard conditions …   Dictionary of automotive terms


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